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Great headgear.

I recieved this headgear very quickly. I train kempo karate on heardwood floor, so this good for added protection just in case you slip and hit your head on the floor. I recommend this for light to medium contact sparring. Our sparring isnt full contact, but there are accidents from time to time. Sometimes a fighter can misjudge the power they put behind a kick, this helps eliminate some of the impact.

I love this product and expect many years of good use out of it. like most fighting gear it will last as long as the owner take goodcare of it. Follow the maintenance instructions that come with the headgear and it will last a few years. This product is priced very well. So when the time comes to replace the headgear with a new one, it will not hurt your wallet at all. Once agian buy this for light to medium contact. If you need something with more protection chech out karatedepots large selection of boxing head.   
by: nstout58
8/8/2011 11:47:53 AM
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