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Tapered Hardwood Bo
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This is my first jhang bong staff (ATA) and I would say that it is very nice. It is a little heavier than the average staff, but that is helpful in building strength and improving the quality of motion for the techniques. I have been told that for actual combat or for forms compition a lighter staff would be better. The quality of the wood is very nice, and of course has a few small flaws that come with it but that is like anything made from real wood. The flaws though are not anything that causes a problem use wise or looks wise. I am the only one who knows those flaws are there only because I gave the staff a thorough inspection upon arrival. The stickers were on the outer packaging and not on the wood so that made me happy too. I would recommend this staff to anyone interested in it.  
by: sublime
2/14/2008 6:39:29 PM
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