93 Brand Rollers T-Shirt
  • Soft 100% cotton fabric
  • All-white screen-print

93 Brand is paying homage to the Ramones and the forefathers of groundfighting with their new Rollers tee. It's fitting that it's done strictly in black and white, as the Ramones would have preferred. Using 100% cotton and a high-quality, low-feel screen-print, ROLLERS commemorates Maeda, Helio, Carlos, and Fadda. These four bad dudes are responsible for laying the groundwork for modern day BJJ. Their names sit on the Ramones seal logo in place of the four Ramones, who themselves laid the groundwork for something else: punk rock.

"Rollers" fits like 93's Pill tee, the Philippines Charity tee, and Meerkatsu's Heavenly Footlock.

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