93 Brand Children's BJJ Rank Belts
  • Suggested for ages below 15 years old (per IBJJF guidelines)
  • Durable cotton exterior

Classic rank belts for BJJ kids! Designed to meet international BJJ training and competition guidelines. Built to withstand the demands of day to day training for the most dedicated students. Includes cotton exterior and solid black rank bar for stripe grading.

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Size Chart Kids 93 Brand Gi

Size Chart Kids 93 Brand Gi
by: Donnie   
2/14/2017 4:25:32 PM
Size Chart Kids 93 Brand Gi

Size Chart Kids 93 Brand Gi
by: Donnie   
2/14/2017 4:25:28 PM
Grey Belts

I am in need of M4 - do you have a shipment coming?  
by: Renee Chandler   
5/30/2019 2:24:20 PM
Grey Belts - Kids. Any larger size than?

Are the kids size belts larger size than M4 or K4?   
by: Jeff   
1/24/2018 5:53:26 PM

I've been in need of c4, or m4 size kids belts in a variety of colors. It seems like you guys have been out of stock for months. Have I just been looking at the wrong time? When will you get more? Where can I go in the meantime for these belts?

by: Andrew   
2/17/2017 6:10:38 PM
Grey belts

So far there are only size M0 and M3 for the Grey belt. Will you be getting anymore sizes soon. If so, when? Thank you
by: Donnie   
2/14/2017 4:21:30 PM

Are these belts not being made any longer? Some colors and sizes have been out of stock for months.  
by: Robert Carder   
1/24/2017 6:45:23 AM
Missing Ranks.

Is there a reason that there are some ranks absent? Namely, a yellow/black, green/white & green/black?

by: JJ Hewitt   
9/16/2016 3:10:37 PM
Yes, if you see a rank missing it is because we are currently out of stock of that item.
by: okiken108     
9/19/2016 11:25:04 AM
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Size chart for belts

Where do I find belt size chart?   
by: Troy   
4/4/2016 11:19:14 PM
Hi Troy. We don't have a sizing chart for these belts and generally recommend you match the belt number with the gi size number.
by: okiken108     
4/8/2016 10:55:21 AM
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Belt Lengths:
M0: 75.5"
M1: 82"
M2: 86"
M3: 94.5"
M4: 102.75"

From the 93 brand kids belt website
by: Michael   
7/27/2020 6:55:29 AM
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Size Chart

Is there a size chart for this item?  
by: James Puopolo   
2/3/2016 7:02:36 PM
I meant to write an updated size chart. The size chart says M1 is 82 inches and M2 is 82.5 inches. I am guessing one of those is mislabeled?
by: James Puopolo   
2/3/2016 7:03:31 PM
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