Venum Amazonia 4.0 Fight Shorts - Red Devil
  • Lightweight microfiber build
  • Introducing the new V-shaped mesh cut
  • Split side vents
  • 3-way Vault closure system with easy-to-use SpreedGrip tab
  • Sublimated logos
  • Ultra flexible crotch panel

Venum's shorts have long been some of the most renowned and widely used shorts in all of combat sports, be it MMA, pure striking, or grappling. Rather than resting on their proven success, Venum is constantly investing in product development and always improving their designs and illustrating over and over why they are so popular. Their previous Amazonia shorts were absolutely great, which makes the new and improved 4.0 layout even more impressive!

Built from microfiber fabric that has a very soft surface and, as always, a very low weight, but never at the expense of durability. The material is as comfortable as ever while still maintaining great mobility, thermo-regulation, and overall integrity.

With the Amazonia 4.0, we're introduced to the new Vault™ closure system, consisting of a 3-way hook-and-loop closure that secures your shorts in place. This revamped Vault system includes a deliberate flap portion to protect your skin from any potentially scratchy seams around the closure system.

Equipped with the pro-engineered Flex System throughout the crotch panel for improved range of motion and reduced stress on the typically high-stress seams. Of course, all colors and graphics are executed with the best sublimation printing available. Your new shorts will be 100% resistant and immune to fading, peeling, and cracking.

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