Jaco "Guardian" Protective Cup System
  • Easily adjustable, secure strap system
  • Straps are anchored through perforations in the cup's edges
  • Allows for ample mobility
  • Consistent compression support for your legs, hips, and rear
  • 90% polyester/10% spandex (shorts material)
  • Durable flatlock seams
  • Moisture-wicking construction
  • Heavy duty protective cup included

The "Guardian" cup by Jaco is trusted in combat sports gyms across the globe. Grapplers and strikers, professionals and amateurs... No matter what level of the sport you're at, no matter what your goals, the Guardian cup/shorts system is affordable and able to keep your groin protected from unnecessary damage.

Jaco's patent-pending strap system is extremely adjustable and offers unparalleled accuracy and stability when it comes to high-impact groin strikes. Whether you're grappling, striking, or training full contact MMA, strikes to the groin are always a possibility. It's not exactly easy to brush off an accidental low kick during Muay Thai or an extra-aggressive knee slice pass during BJJ, so the Guardian shorts are designed to stay in place securely during rigorous activity. The hook-and-loop straps lace through slits around the cup's edges, so your cup won't shift around on its own. And the use of a moisture-wicking 90/10 poly/spandex blend prevents sweat build-up and skin irritation.

The Guardian system includes Jaco's reliable protective cup, but the cup pocket will accommodate most other combat sports cups in its place.

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