Universal Face Shield
This item is not currently available for purchase.
  • Latches quickly and securely onto any foam sparring headgear
  • Fits any size headgear, except children's and XXL
  • Made from 1/8" polycarbonate plastic
  • Large vents increase air flow and reduce fogging
  • Won't become obsolete as students grow into larger gear
  • Headgear sold separately

This new face shield fits all Macho brand sparring headgear, and most other brands as well. It features interlocking Velcro straps and can be put on to or taken off of any foam sparring headgear, this is a valuable, money-saving features for households with more than one child. The shield is made from sturdy, 1/8" polycarbonate and sits farther out than other face shields so it will not restrict vision. The shield features several large breathing vents, allowing for improved ventilation and allows for better breathing and eliminates the fogging commonly found in other face shields.

The Universal Face Shield not only offers all the protection and comfort of other face shields, but also presents students and parents alike with a piece of equipment that doesn't need to be replaced as they grow or change sets of sparring gear or even move onto different martial arts.

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