Venum Kontact Evo Ankle Wraps/Foot Grips
  • Flexible neoprene build
  • 3D embossed grip
  • Improves traction, protects skin, and promotes blood flow
  • Easy slip-on design

These aren't your average ankle wraps. While they do offer the ankle protecting benefits of classic ankle wraps, they serve the additional purpose of vastly improved footing and traction.

At first, it might not sound like much, but improved footing is huge for any combat sport that start from the feet. Especially once sweat and humidity become a factor, your Venum foot grips will provide better traction with the mats or canvas. This improvement not only gives you better stability, but as a direct result: better balance and increased speed. Whether you're doing Judo, wrestling, MMA, or BJJ, these are benefits that every grappler can benefit from, no question!

Built from flexible neoprene with a contoured fit so they won't feel unnatural while you train. The 3-D embossed gripping section is very well done and ensures greater traction on both mats and canvas. Along the interior, a smooth surface and flat seams prevent skin irritation and discomfort.

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