Seven Fightgear Leather Punch Mitts
This item is not currently available for purchase.
  • 100% leather
  • Strapless wrist system
  • Multiple layers of foam padding
  • Covered and ventilated hand compartment for finger safety
  • Anatomically designed interior
  • Lightweight construction

With no straps or hooks, these focus mitts are very compact and easy to use. Slip them right on and get to work. To ensure that you still have a solid grip, there is an interior ball situated at the palm to provide excellent control over the angles and speed of your mitts. The curved striking surface leads punches to the sweet spot, making this pair of mitts great for developing quick combinations and improving your speed/precision.

Genuine leather construction ensures quality and authenticity, with the main leather sections fastened together with a thick and sturdy thread. The pad holder's fingers are covered by a ventilated and soft leather panel. This prevents any jammed fingers or eye pokes (during pad sparring), while still keeping the inner compartment cool and breathable.

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