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Standard Judo Gi
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Horrible Service

I ordered two of these two months ago. I finally got one in the mail last week. Still missing the other one. Would be nice if Zengu actually contacted me to let me know why. Would love my money back, but doubt it'll happen.  
by: Chris Metzgar
8/22/2012 3:04:01 PM
Hmm, it sounds like we got caught in a backorder situation with the manufacturer. We're usually very good about staying well ahead of things like that, not even offering sizes if we think there will be issues with delivering on time.

This one seems to be our bad and we'd like to make it up to you. Please reach out to Include your order # and describe the situation and we'll take it from there.
by: okiken108     
8/24/2012 9:50:15 AM
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