4 oz. MMA Gloves
This item is not currently available for purchase.
  • Half-finger design offers protection without limiting mobility or control
  • Open thumb further improves control and mobility
  • Open palm keeps hands cool and dry
  • Neoprene lining absorbs sweat
  • 4 oz. of impact absorbing padding
  • 2.5 inch Velcro fastening strap offers wrist support while comfortably securing the glove in place
  • Made from 100% top quality leather

These new mixed martial arts gloves from KD Elite feature a unique, heavily padded half-finger design that protects your hands and fingers without restricting or limiting your control and mobility. The 4 oz. MMA Gloves are made from durable, top-quality leather and feature 4 ounces of thick impact absorbing padding over the hand and fingers. These gloves also have an uncovered thumb section. This design leaves your thumb open and allows you much better control and enables you get a better grip and make a more complete fist. These gloves also feature an open palm, this allows sweat and moisture on the skin to dry quickly, keeping you comfortable. The 4 oz. MMA Gloves are lined with neoprene to quickly absorb moisture and keep your hands dry during training and matches. There is also a 2.5 inch Velcro fastening strap that provides wrist support while securing the glove comfortably in place. These excellent gloves have been crafted to exacting standards and offer the same quality as more expensive brands.

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Will you be getting a shipment of more sizes in after the first of the year ?I wish to buy at least 6 pairs

will you be getting a shipment of more sizes after the first of the year? I would like to buy at least 6 pairs if you could provide more size options..
by: Erika   
11/26/2011 7:58:46 PM
I don't believe that manufacturer has another shipment due stateside for awhile. I'd recommend going with this item: ma-gl-1205, which is quite similar in price and a bit higher in quality.
by: okiken108     
11/28/2011 11:24:33 AM
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