Title Freestyle Throwing & Grappling Dummy 140 Lbs
This item is not currently available for purchase.
    Incredible life-like training dummy for intense, realistic and professional workouts.

    Extra tough and durable triple-ply synthetic leather for round after round of precision throws, strikes, jabs, straight punches, angle shots, hooks, uppercuts, kicks, knee strikes, takedowns, submission holds, chokes, ground-and-pound training and much, much more.

    Color: Black

    Weights (Sizes):
    • 70 lbs. (64" Tall)
    • 90 lbs. (68" Tall)
    • 120 lbs. (72" Tall)
    • 140 lbs. (76" Tall)
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    size and weight

    How do we know what size and weight they are? I would like to purchase that 140lbs.  
    by: caesar melendez   
    9/29/2014 4:37:12 PM
    Hi Caeser. This is the 140lb model as indicated in the title of the product. I can see the confusion though as we have them all listed in the description.
    by: okiken108     
    10/1/2014 11:41:31 AM
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    I need a quote

    I am police officer for the City of Carlsbad. Can I get a quote to purchase this item for my department?  
    by: peter pascual   
    3/14/2012 12:20:34 PM
    Hi Peter. Everything on Zengu is already marked down to it's wholesale minimum. If you have an approved account, you are good to go.

    As for shipping, just add the item to your cart and before you have to check out you'll see shipping quotes and delivery estimates.
    by: okiken108     
    3/16/2012 11:35:46 AM
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