Tatami Estilo 3.0 White Jiu Jitsu Gi
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This item is not currently available for purchase.
  • Clean white finish with black contrast stitching
  • 500gsm pearl weave jacket
  • Single piece jacket construction
  • Canvas rubberized collar
  • Double reinforced knees
  • 14 oz. canvas pants
  • Triple stitched stress points
  • Rope drawstring with 4-point loop system

This is the new Tatami Estilo, and it looks better than ever. The jacket is a single piece of pearl weave fabric with a rubberized collar to better keep the kimono's shape. There are new updated patches on the gi jacket and the shoulders/leg now have the Estilo "e" embroidered into the fabric. Overall a very clean look with just the right amount of subtle BJJ flash.

The Estilo's pants are very soft to the touch and are made from a 14 oz. canvas material. Knees are double reinforced to keep this Gi lasting through all of your hardest Jiu Jitsu training sessions. Throughout the uniform, Tatami uses triple-stitched seams on stress points, including the knee protection. The waist is tightened with a rope drawstring and held up with four drawstring loops.

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tatami 3.0 white.

When will size A3 be in stock??
by: Daniel Brenka   
7/18/2013 6:05:48 PM
The 3.0 is being discontinued and will be replaced by the 4.0 on July 23rd.
by: Aaron   
7/20/2013 8:48:32 AM
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Is there a problem with the sizing chart link?
by: Jeff Christopher   
5/2/2013 9:01:55 AM
It appears to be working on my end Jeff. What kind of error are you experiencing, and what browser are you using (internet explorer, firefox, etc).
by: okiken108     
5/3/2013 11:08:55 AM
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Thanks for responding-
The size chart opens up but am unable to choose or see any weight or height sizes in the drop downs.
Using I.E 8
by: Jeff Christopher   
5/3/2013 10:07:53 PM
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Jeff - thanks, I'll be passing along that info to our tech team for a quick fix.
by: okiken108     
5/6/2013 9:14:20 PM
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Keep an eye out

I just received my order (after waiting a week) which was actually to exchange the first Gi because the Tatami gi did not follow standard gi sizes. I was charged for the Estilo, and I received a all white gi with blue patches (I believe it to be the Nova)instead... i.e. a much cheaper gi. I have yet to hear back from Zengu/ karate depot/martialartssupplies, etc. on how they are going to rectify this situation. Please keep an eye out on what you receive and make sure its what you order.  
by: Gary Gucciano   
2/8/2013 3:04:57 PM
Hi Gary. Sorry there has been some confusion with this order! A week shipping time is fairly standard so there isn't too much we can do about that. However if you received the wrong gi we can definitely address that. You can find the optimal reach out time, number, and email address on this page - http://www.zengu.com/csupport.html. We are invested in helping you have a good shopping experience so please reach out at your convenience!
by: okiken108     
2/11/2013 1:42:27 PM
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