Fuji Women's "Sekai" Blue Jiu Jitsu Gi
  • Lightweight single weave jacket
  • Ripstop pants
  • Soft blue highlights
  • Interior seam taping
  • Skirt taping
  • Extended knee reinforcements
  • High quality embroideries
  • Bungee style drawstring
  • Triple-reinforced pants
  • Wider and firmer collar

The new "Sekai" Gi is Fuji's latest premium model, designed with performance and style in mind. Running with the "Sekai" or "World" theme, the jacket has unique interior prints showing a map of the world and highlighting the countries where BJJ is thriving.

The women's version is modified to better fit the female body, including tapered sleeves and pants, as well as a more tailored waist design. Specs include a lightweight fabric and ripstop pants, ideal for competition weigh-ins or hot summer training sessions. The extra wide collar prevents your opponent from establishing threatening grips. Added stitching reinforcements ensure that high stress areas will stand up to the demands of your training.

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Size Question

I have some ladies who are 5'8"-5'9" between 200-230. Just wondering if I should order the W3 or W4.   
by: Pamela Da Silva   
4/26/2016 7:42:32 PM
Hi Pamela. I think the better bet would be W3.
by: okiken108     
4/27/2016 3:58:23 PM
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I'm new to all of this. I am between 5'1-5'2 and weigh 190-200. Which size would be a good fit  
by: erin zava   
7/4/2015 11:23:32 PM
Hi Erin. I would recommend going with the W3 for this brand.
by: okiken108     
7/6/2015 3:17:39 PM
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This is a great gi; however, I've been trying to contact you guys for over a week about making an exchange, and I can't get a response. Can someone PLEASE contact me about this?  
by: Joshua Aldridge   
5/5/2015 2:04:54 PM
Hi Joshua - sorry about the lack of contact! We're a private company so we keep typical business hours (9-5) mon-thurs, and 9-2 on Fridays. Reach out to us using the info on this page - http://www.zengu.com/csupport.html.
by: okiken108     
5/6/2015 10:37:35 AM
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