93 Brand "Hooks 2.0" BJJ Gi
This item is not currently available for purchase.
  • 425 GSM Pearl Weave jacket
  • 8 oz. cotton pants
  • New and improved collar (thicker and wider)
  • Full length knee reinforcements
  • Grey contrast stitching in selected areas
  • Durable cord drawstring with 4 loops
  • EVA foam collar
  • Soft cotton seam taping (skirt and cuffs)
  • Includes 93 Brand white belt

93 Brand designed their newest Gi, the Hooks, to meet the demands of Jiu Jitsu training day after day, regardless of the practitioner's skill level, size, or age. Built with the same quality and fit as the New York based company's previous models, but set at a price range that is hard to ignore. And it doesn't hurt that it's easy on the eyes.

Constructed from a comfortable white Pearl Weave with grey contrast stitching in selected areas such as the cuffs, side vents, and skirt, along with breathable 8 ounce pants. Everything is 100% cotton and pre-shrunk, though a warm wash will help you shrink to fit if needed.

Patchwork is kept simple, featuring classic 93 Brand logos embroidered in blue and grey on each arm, plus a small patch on the left hip. Interior seams are covered with a soft, solid white taping. As usual, 93 insists on full length knee reinforcements to guarantee your knees are covered while grappling in any position. Secured by a cord drawstring with 4 total drawstring loops.

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93 Brand Sizing Chart

93 Brand Sizing Chart
93 Brand Sizing Chart  
by: okiken108      
1/10/2014 3:23:39 PM
But what does the F stand for?
by: Stephen   
1/26/2016 5:54:09 PM
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Two questions

1.When will you have A1L in?
2.What does A1F mean?

Thanks so much!   
by: Stephen   
1/26/2016 5:19:29 PM
We are at about 6 weeks for restock of the A1L.

A1F means fitted, so it is a more form fitting cut.
by: okiken108     
2/10/2016 10:00:42 PM
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Looking for A2H. Any timeframe when these will be back in stock in that size?

thank you  
by: Richard Andrade   
2/6/2015 7:07:20 PM
Looking into the time frame now Richard.
by: okiken108     
2/9/2015 8:02:47 PM
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Any A2h in stock?
by: James Oh   
10/12/2015 4:16:50 AM
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Does the HOOKS ever come in A-5? When will you get them?  
by: Sarah Andersch   
1/28/2015 2:03:12 PM
Hi Sarah. Yes, this can come in an A5 but we are waiting for a restock at the moment. I'll get back to you ASAP once I hear a restock date.
by: okiken108     
2/9/2015 8:02:22 PM
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Also looking for A2H. Any idea on when they will re-stock
by: Jared Wells   
10/4/2015 1:22:16 AM
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Any A2H in stock?
by: James Oh   
10/12/2015 4:17:18 AM
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When will you be getting other sizes back in stock? I'm specifically looking for the A3.

by: Koyama Dojo - HDRJJ   
1/18/2015 7:27:48 PM
Hi Alex. We're looking to get a 93 Brand restock in about two weeks.
by: okiken108     
1/19/2015 11:31:52 AM
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Do you happen to know when you might be getting A2H back in stock for the white hooks gi?  
by: Richard Andrade   
10/4/2014 1:18:28 PM
We are actually looking to have those restocked by the end of the day today. Check back in with us tomorrow!
by: okiken108     
10/6/2014 12:09:19 PM
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Love these gis. Any idea when they will be restocked?  
by: David Brogan   
8/5/2014 11:09:08 PM
We'll be getting this one restocked on September the 15th. We will also be integrating a black version.
by: okiken108     
8/8/2014 11:35:12 AM
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weight ?

how much weight this kimonos ? examble A2  
by: jimmy downing zambrana   
6/16/2014 6:30:00 PM
Hi Jimmy. I don't have a physical shipping weight for you but the gram weight and info is up in the description.
by: okiken108     
6/18/2014 12:00:26 PM
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When you buy more per order does the price go lower? Like these gi's for exp: One is $49.99 but say I buy 15. will the price per Gi be lower?  
by: LeLeo Code   
5/1/2014 10:59:45 PM
Hi Leonard. The idea behind Zengu is that you are getting the lowered 'bulk rate' no matter how many you order. That being the case the price doesn't go down if you order more. Cost of shipping, of course, is more economical since you are shipping multiple pieces together.
by: okiken108     
5/2/2014 1:06:43 PM
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What's the difference between the A2L A2H A2

What's the difference between the A2L A2H A2  
by: Rocky Ramirez   
1/10/2014 10:38:22 AM
Hi Rocky. A2 is your standard size while A2L is for taller ("longer") folks and A2H is for huskier folks. I will attach a sizing chart image on this comment thread.
by: okiken108     
1/10/2014 3:23:14 PM
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I need to buy 10 different sizes, is this possible in one purchase?
by: Jouseph   
4/29/2014 12:37:57 AM
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