Pro Quality Curved Body Shield
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This item is not currently available for purchase.
  • 22" tall, 13" across, 4.5" thick
  • Filled with impact absorbing foam
  • Available in red blue or black
  • Concave design evenly distributes impacts
  • features two adjustable nylon holding straps with one rubber coated nylon handle
Made to the same standards and the same top quality materials as our Pro Quality X-Large Curved Body Shield, the Pro Quality Curved Body Shield is a smaller target designed to help you focus your kicks and increase your power. The Pro Quality Curved Body Shield measures 24" tall, 14.5" across and is 4.5" thick. The curved design directs energy away from the holder making it safe to use. The back of the Pro Quality Curved Body Shield features two adjustable nylon holding straps with one rubber coated nylon handle. The straps are located in the back center of the shield with the handle located just on top of the straps. This system allows the holder to get a secure grip and maintain it even during powerful strikes and hits.

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Nice and sturdy and has a little weight to it.  
by: Daniel Beasley   
2/8/2012 10:12:03 PM

Doesn't hold up long term to hard kicks

This body shield is good for the average person, but for a higher level pro fighter with hard kicks it won't hold up. My husband destroyed it within a year.  
by: Brandon Anderson   
4/21/2016 1:40:49 AM

6/29/2015 8:55:58 AM

At first feel and use the pads are solid but after using them for one class (leg kicks and some body knees) the handle stitching was already tearing. For that price I'm not pleased at all.   
6/29/2015 8:54:32 AM
Aaron - if you bought them recently from us we can probably arrange an exchange or refund. Reach out to our custoemr service staff at
by: okiken108     
6/29/2015 10:34:23 AM
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Will holder get hurt?

If a 140-lb. woman holds the target, and a 165-lb. black belt kicks the target, will the woman get hurt? I'm asking if this will protect the holder for the most part?  
by: Amy Benevento   
7/17/2014 1:54:56 PM
Hi Amy. Yes, this bag will definitely help protect the female holder. That being said, the holder will still need good stancework and knowledge of how to move back with excessive force. Without experience the holder may experience a whiplash-like effect from thrusting force. Use the bag, but also slowly increase attack intensity to learn how to cope with it.
by: okiken108     
7/18/2014 3:06:57 PM
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Thanks. My students know to get in a good stance and keep low weight, and also, how to ground a strike. I was just wondering if the target was think enough. Thanks again.
by: Amy Benevento   
7/18/2014 5:31:33 PM
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Hi. I've recently bought these pads for my taekwondo class. I weigh about 135 and hold the pads for the men in my class and women in my class. The men easily weigh over 165 lb. I'm definitely not getting hurt, it does a great job of absorbing impact. As mentioned above, you still need to know how to hold the pad properly and move back.
11/23/2015 3:48:21 AM
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It's a little tough for the kids. Maybe better for the adults.   
by: Polly Villatuya   
1/21/2013 4:16:03 PM
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