Kids BJJ Belts
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  • Multiple colors offered
  • Cotton construction
  • Durability stitched
  • Perfect sizes and colors for children

Never leave a student hanging - keep plenty of these kid-designed belts stashed away in your school.

These belts feature 100% cotton construction and are an attractive way to show off the achievements of your students. Each belt utilizes multiple lines of stitching to ensure quality while still being flexible and easy to tie. Colors and sizes used are based off of the most common needs of BJJ instructors.

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Sizes for those who need it

C00 - 77"
C0 - 80"
C1 - 84"
C2 - 88"
C3 - 96"
by: Jaime Sterling   
4/17/2019 2:39:56 PM
Is there a size chart?

Is there a size chart?  
by: Chaz   
8/5/2016 3:23:46 PM
Hi Chaz. Generally you match the size of your belt to the size of your gi.
by: okiken108     
8/8/2016 10:53:49 AM
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kids belts

do kids belts have a size chart
by: Antonio   
6/7/2016 1:50:01 PM
Not specifically Antonio. Generally you just order the same belt size as your gi.
by: okiken108     
6/7/2016 3:11:09 PM
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White Belts - C2 & C3 sizes

When do you think you will have C2 & C3 White belts in stock?

by: Hamid   
12/1/2015 10:07:01 PM
Hi Hamid. We have high stock on the other sizes and colors, so there won't be a restock for a little while yet. Pardon the inconvenience!
by: okiken108     
12/3/2015 1:27:45 PM
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Do you have any Fuji white belt in size C00 for kids?  
by: Steve Bruce   
1/29/2015 9:57:21 AM
Hi Steve. Sometimes white belts get bought up in big chunks and we run out of stock, like the C00 in this case. We are hoping to get them back in stock soon.
by: okiken108     
2/9/2015 8:12:29 PM
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White Belts?

Are white belts not available or not offered with this brand?
by: Hope   
11/18/2014 11:07:14 PM
I hope. White belts are offered by this brand but are out of stock at the moment. Looking to get them back in stock asap!
by: okiken108     
11/19/2014 9:54:07 AM
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Kids Belts

I have a couple of big kids in my class n i want to no if these kids belts come in adult sizes?  
by: Wayne Watson   
12/28/2013 4:38:12 PM
Hi Wayne. I think you would need to look into adult size belts here: un-jj-857.
by: okiken108     
1/2/2014 3:13:00 PM
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