Warrior Full Sparring Gear Set
This item is not currently available for purchase.

The Warrior line of sparring gear features a double layer foam protection which gives martial artists even more safety when sparring. The Warrior Headgear has patented ear release canals. Why? If you were to get a blow to the head, there's a chance the hit can seal your ear and compress the excess air down the ear canal - which could rupture your eardrum. The canal gives the air an escape route and protects your hearing.

This set includes a chest guard and mouth guard case in addition to the standard punch, kick, head and mouth piece ll the sparring gear a martial artist needs to begin sparring along with a superior look and increased protection. A KarateDepot.com and Macho branding association allows us to offer extremely low pricing on this set.

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shin gaurds

for the macho warrior package can u add shin guards if so how much would that be??  
12/9/2015 6:13:25 PM
Hi Joshua. We only have that available in the Kuma at the moment - http://www.zengu.com/pr-se-825.html.
by: okiken108     
12/14/2015 12:18:01 PM
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Sparring Gear Set

Can this set come with the Tournament Hogu instead of the Reversible Hogu Chest Protector?  
by: Jafet Martinez   
9/25/2012 11:39:30 AM
The tournament hogu is a more expensive item so we would have to make a separate sparring gear set for that. Right now you'll have to purchase it separately, but we'll take your question as a suggestion!
by: okiken108     
9/26/2012 1:29:01 PM
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