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Student Black Karate Gi
2 reviews
  • Black color
  • 55% cotton, 45% polyester
  • Elastic waistband
  • Minimal shrinking
  • Includes jacket, pants, and white belt (no color belt substitutes)

At a price point this affordable, it's a mistake not to have these Fuji black gi stocked in your dojo. Fuji is one of the most well respected names in martial arts uniform manufacturing and they prove why with this lightweight and attractive gi.

The cotton/poly blend utilized in this model is both comfortable and highly flexible, providing new students with a familiar tactile sensation that they will enjoy more than stiffer gi.

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Very Nice

Its got some good weight to it. Pretty comfortable too. Have yet to suffer restriction due to this uniform. My only problem is keeping dust and hair off of it. But thats not the fault of the manufacturing, thats the poor quality of this drier I've been wanting to replace.  
by: Derek Cook   
9/1/2011 8:51:44 PM
Oh one more thing, I tested the durability as soon as I got it and just started trying to pull it apart. Wouldn't break. So I can safely use it for Judo.
by: Derek Cook   
9/1/2011 8:54:10 PM
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how many oz.?  
by: jessika canales   
10/23/2012 5:47:31 PM
It's right around 8-9 ounces as comparable to other brands.
by: okiken108     
10/24/2012 1:31:57 PM
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Very Decent

I wanted a decent student uniform for my school, that didn't break me if I included them in enrollments, and this exceeded my expectations. It's lightweight, but doesn't feel flimsy like some other student weight uniforms. Holds up well, during general classes, and light grappling. Easy to wash, and holds the color well.
by: Kokoro Universal Martial Arts   
4/19/2012 4:58:52 PM
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