Macho Beginner Gi - Kids & Adults
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This item is not currently available for purchase.
  • Smaller cut for children
  • 5oz ultra lightweight material
  • Soft 55% cotton / 45% polyester blend
  • Durable against wear and tear
  • Elastic waist with drawstring
  • White belt included

Child students are a very important part of many modern schools. You'll want to equip them quickly and properly so that they can get out on the floor and start enjoying your training!

5oz gi weight makes these easy to wear with minimal transition problems from regular clothes. The cotton/poly blend is durable and properly flexible for martial arts and other calisthenic drills.

The affordable price point makes these an ideal choice when stocking your dojo equipment shelves.

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Bigger pants

I ordered this uniform for a student . I followed the size chart on your website and when uniform arrived (on time) I realized that the pants are very, very slim. My student is not overweight but strong build and muscular, and I have to give him a pants from other set. Maybe you can consider to prepare line for athletic build children and those a bit of the perfect weight range? Quality of your product and customer service is excellent. Thank you!   
by: Beata Ksel   
9/18/2012 10:26:08 AM

do i order size 1 because my student is that
size but you said to buy a gi 1 size

by: BELLE   
2/21/2018 11:36:10 PM
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I am just a bit confused on these uniforms. The sizes available indicate some very large children. But I am having trouble finding the sizes I need for the two little girls that are wanting to take karate lessons. In all I need white gi's for various sizes, from 000 all the way to 5. When might you have more sizes in white gi's available?  
by: Derek Cook   
9/28/2011 11:13:07 PM
I think I have to perfect options for you. Check out this gi by Macho: un-md-12, and this one by Fuji: un-st-859. These both have all the sizes you would want, and slightly different weights depending on what you like.

Now this gi is cheaper: un-st-10, but doesn't have all the sizes so what you might do is stock up on this gi and use the other two to fill in the gaps.
by: okiken108     
9/30/2011 11:06:47 AM
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1/4/2012 4:02:17 AM
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Our stock is full
by: okiken108     
1/11/2012 11:25:46 AM
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ETA on restock of this item in the 000 and 0000 sizes?  
by: MBJJ   
5/13/2017 2:25:27 AM

When you are going to have the smaller sizes in stock? Thank you  
by: AJ   
5/12/2017 6:53:26 PM
sizing chart

Do you have a sizing chart, that relates size numbers with at least weight or height???  
by: Luis Matos   
7/12/2015 2:50:46 PM
Yes we do. Scroll to the top of this page and look to the left of the drop down size selector.
by: okiken108     
7/13/2015 11:10:05 AM
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Belt Color

I'm interested in ordering a run of these for my gym. The description states that the gi comes with a white belt but the pic shows a white belt with a green stripe? Which is accurate?  
by: Christine Sprague   
6/4/2015 3:26:55 PM
The description is correct - you will receive a plain white belt.
by: okiken108     
6/8/2015 9:51:45 AM
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Can you get patches or logos on the kids karate uniforms like the jiu jitsu gi's?  
by: jason   
11/14/2014 12:42:19 AM
Hi Jason. We do not have that functionality just yet for the kids karate uniforms. However, people seem to be liking the service so we are exploring how to expand it.
by: okiken108     
11/14/2014 12:06:00 PM
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Hi, Are you able to offer logos and patches to the kids karate / judo / jiu-jitsu gi's yet? Thanks,
by: Mike   
12/27/2017 2:16:52 PM
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I would like to know if this kids uniform comes in black color?   
by: Shihan j. Allen   
9/11/2014 11:51:22 PM
This uniform does not have a black variant.
by: okiken108     
9/12/2014 7:46:29 PM
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oh ok. do you have any suggestion of where to get a black gi uniform for kids?
by: Shihan j. Allen   
9/15/2014 7:34:09 PM
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We have some nice, small sizes in this black gi: un-st-858.
by: okiken108     
9/17/2014 11:45:58 AM
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Top Design

Do you put school logos on gi tops  
by: Donald Rooks   
2/18/2014 10:24:34 PM
Unfortunately we have not secured an added embroidery or logo service at this time. It is one of the top features we are looking to add in the future.
by: okiken108     
2/19/2014 9:30:15 AM
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Pretty decent uniforms, but the selection of sizes is not very good. There's practically no stock for children sizes or adult sizes.  
by: mike stephens   
11/8/2013 11:56:14 AM

is there a minimum quantity required for the kids karate gi?
by: Krystal   
10/18/2013 2:38:25 PM
Hi Krystal. We do not have a minimum quantity order. Get as many as is appropriate for your school :-).
by: okiken108     
10/21/2013 12:39:23 PM
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How long do these take to ship?

How long do these take to ship?
by: William Cota   
6/11/2012 2:48:38 AM
Hi William. That depends on where your at. I recommend you add your desired items to your cart and go to 'checkout'. From there you'll be able to see estimated shipping times and costs.
by: okiken108     
6/11/2012 9:51:09 AM
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I have a young man age 13. He weighs 172 pds and is 6'1". Is it best if he gets a adult uniform?  
by: Frankie Rivera   
2/12/2012 12:09:14 PM
Hi Frankie. Yes, I think in this case it would be best just to get him an adult uniform, probably size 6.
by: okiken108     
2/13/2012 11:11:11 AM
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I've never heard of a size 00000 gi. Is that "baby" size?  
by: Jakki Garcia   
1/25/2012 12:47:09 AM
Yes, that is considered for toddlers. We have a sizing chart, linked in the information above.
by: okiken108     
1/26/2012 12:28:24 PM
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1/9/2012 2:28:56 PM
This is a Macho Gi.
by: okiken108     
1/11/2012 11:26:00 AM
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Will you be stocking these in other sizes?

I know you have another selection of uniforms in the size range 000 - 2, but I am interested if you will be getting these uniforms in this size range. Thanks.  
by: Donna Landini   
12/15/2011 11:03:57 AM
Hi Donna - yes this is a gi that we will be restocking regularly. It sold out quickly in certain sizes, but in 2-3 weeks we should be back to full stock.
by: okiken108     
12/16/2011 10:24:29 AM
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I am just a bit confused on these uniforms. The sizes available indicate some very large children. But I am having trouble finding the sizes I need for the two little girls that are wanting to take karate lessons. In all I need white gi's for various sizes, from 000 all the way to 5. Are there going to be more sizes available soon?  
by: Derek Cook   
9/28/2011 11:07:17 PM
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